Musiguru Carnatic Symphony at Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival 2013

    Musiguru, the companion for learning Indian music, premiered the world’s first ever Carnatic Symphony at the prestigious Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival on Apr 1, 2013.

    The event provided a platform for around 120 kids from different countries to perform along with a western choir and showcase their skills in front of an audience of leading Carnatic musicians. In addition to being taught by leading teachers across North America, the children also practised with Musiguru via the web and mobile devices such as iPods and iPads.

    This concert featured simple but attractive pieces from Carnatic music such as short Utsava Sampradaya kritis of Tyagaraja, Nottu svarams of Muttusvamy Dikshitar and a few popular Western songs.

    Our thanks to the Cleveland Aradhana Committee and iCarnatic for their support of Musiguru. And our special thanks to the parents who encouraged their children to participate, and came together from all around North America to make the event a great, grand success.

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