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    Being in the USA Carnatic Idol
    By Kethan Srinivasan
    “Nachikethan,” called out one of the judges. I slowly pulled myself step by step to the stage. At first I was shy as I never have been on a television program before. “Nachikethan,” said Sowmya one of the judges. I nervously laughed. “Don’t be shy,” said my inner voice. “Who gave you your name?” asked the judge. “My dad named me”, I re-plied, still shy. “Okay. Can you sing Sahana?” asked Sowmya. ”Yes,” I said and sang Emanadicchevo in the raga Sahana set to Roopaka tala.
    “Wait, how about Dhanyasi?” said Shashikiran, another judge. “Okay,” I said again. From there I sang Sangeeta gnanamu in the raga Dhan-yasi in Adi tala. Before I sang it, the third judge, Neyveli Santana-gopalan, asked me to sing the whole Pallavi. “Can you sing kalpanas-waram?” asked Sowmya. I politely said, “No”. “No? Can you at least try?” she asked again. “I haven’t learnt it but I will do it next year,” I said again in a polite tone. “Okay, thank you!” she said. I unplugged my sruti box and walked off the stage.
    “The star kid of Carnatic music idol New York-New Jersey is ….” said Shashikiran. “Nachikethan!” My heart pounded with excitement as I walked to the judges and Neyveli Santhangopalan pinned the star to my kurta.
    When it all ended, I jumped out the doors of Montgomery High School. “Woo-hoo!” I shouted. “I’m a star kid!” I would like to thank my guru, Smt. Kiranavali Vidyasankar for teach-ing me music and driving me all the way to New Jersey for the com-petition.
    Kethan is a 3rd grader at KD Markley Elementary school in Great Valley School District. He lives in Malvern, Pennsylvania with his parents and his sister. He has been learning Carnatic music from Smt.Kiranavali Vidyasankar for the past 2 years. He also learns the western violin.

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