New website on Carnatic music launched

    sowmyaSingers S. Sowmya and K. N. Shashikiran have launched a new website,, which is ” the fun way to know, learn, discover and enjoy the mystiques of the classical art forms.

    Sowmya and Shashikiran have been involved in mixing music and technology with their CD-ROM titles like Nadanubhava. Their Carnatic Archival Centre has been also conducting music programmes and events, and their first anniversary effort has been the website which was launched at a function in Madras last week by N. Ram, Editor, Frontline.

    The site, which gives a range of content on music, its history, its technicalities and background also has a major attraction to offer and that is the Cyber Vidyalaya. Here you can register for online music classes – to start on Vijayadasami day, October 7, and undergo a full fledged course in Indian music. This is a paid service and you have to register and pay before October 1.

    Other parts of the site which are classified as e-Carnatica include new products, event management services, utility services for musicians for travelling and performing, an arcade and a music clinic for singers and performers!

    Promoted by Sowmya and Shashikiran, the website has as special advisors Mohan Parasaran and R. Sridhar. The content editor is Kiranavali Vidyasankar, a singer and the sister of Shashikiran.

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