Where music is the remedy

    CARNATIC MUSIC dons a new gown. It’s white, flows long and comes with stethoscopes. So if you have a sorethroat, head to Carnatica.com. But you won’t be singing Carnatic.

    “It will not be Carnatic music as in specification. We won’t tell you Ananda Bairavi is good for fever,” says Shashikiran, founder, Carnatica.com.

    In fact, you will just be making noises. And the sorethroat will be gone. “Melody and rhythm have to synergise with the body’s frequency.” Sowmya, the other brain behind the website, and an accomplished singer, she was herself suffering from stammering. And music cured her.

    The age-old concept of music as therapy has taken form again in Carnatica.com’s classrooms. Called the Cosmic Energy Therapy Centre, it will offer treatment in three levels. The first will be for musicians themselves who suffer from performance-related ailments. After all, what is vocal music but a combination of a wind and string instrument.

    The second will be therapy using music, and the third, therapy for the general public that could be a combination of music and yoga. Like it would be for asthmatics. If you suffer from poor lungs, have poor memory power, or are just stressed out, this is the place to go.

    They won’t suggest you immediate remedies, but rather take you through a course towards cure. Already, the organisation offers its therapy services — “a pack of music therapy and yogic understanding” — for corporates.

    The therapy centre was just part of the launch function on Friday. Sowmya and Shashikiran demonstrated the use of technology to promote and, importantly, document Carnatic music.

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