Admissions open at Carnatica Global Gurukulam

    Admissions are open for Vijayadasami at the Carnatica Global Gurukulam, which uses technology along with traditional teaching methods to train students in music, has centres in Bangalore and at four locations in the city.

    The organisation was initiated by vocalists S. Sowmya and K.N. Shashikiran in 1997, and provides a flexible module-based curriculum for students of all age groups and with various levels of experience.

    The gurukulam boasts a specific curricula for special children, free courses on stress management and in appreciation for rasikas, besides classes in Carnatic vocal and instrumental music, including the veena, violin, mridangam, keyboard, guitar, Hawaiian guitar, chitravina, and in Western musical instruments, including the mandolin and saxophone. Students are also trained in devotional music and bhajans.

    Deserving students are given opportunities to perform.

    Experts provide regular assessments and certification at the end of modules.

    The Cyber Vidyalaya was established as a virtual gurukulam to enable students from across the world to learn music through the Internet.

    The Carnatica Global Gurukulam also has a digital library, a music collection that includes century-old titles, which are made available to subscribers and members.

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