Music: Indian Classical Music for stress management, lecture demonstration concert Carnatica Brothers, Shashikiran & Ganesh from Chennai

    Shashikiran and Sri Ganesh are cousins who have become 03494f6f23internationally renowned as the Carnatica Brothers. The pair blend innovation with tradition in their vocal renditions of South Indian classical music.. Shashikiran is the educator & founder of online Carnatic resource . The cousins have gone on to become two of India’s most celebrated singers, performing extensively in India, North America, Europe, Australia, the Middle and Far East. The popular pair have over 5,000 concerts, numerous album releases and awards under their belts.

    In September 2006, Shashikiran and Ganesh smashed the world record for the longest concert, singing without pause (not even for food or a call of nature) in a marathon 24- hour concert. The concert was dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the various natural calamities and terrorist strikes and to mark World Peace Day. The lec dems of the brothers on Indian classical music have been very popular.


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