Carnatica Brothers – K N Shashikiran and Ganesh – gave a vocal duet on Wednesday in the Gokulashtami Festival series.

    U Srinivas, most sought after instrumentalist of Karnatic music, proved once again, that he is a crowd puller, wherever he performs. In the serene atmosphere of the Sri Venugopalakrishnaswamy Temple, Malleswaram, music lovers thronged and occupied all over the temple premises to hear their favourite musician. No doubt, “Samaja Varagamana” is a commonly heard composition. But by impeccable mastery and virtuosity of Srinivas, the Keertana sparkled with melody! ‘Parama Pavana’ of Dikshithar was again charming. Swara for the ‘Sripathi’ of Saint Tyagaraja highlighted the beautiful contours of the raga – all in all an exhilarating effect! A detailed alapana of Thodi, a rhapsody of flowing melody, ensured a perfect delineation of the raga. “Sri Krishnam Bhaje” was played with much aplomb, with all the embellishing sangathees. In the end a chain of devotionals followed – Krishna Nee Begane Baro, Jagadoddarana – as though the mandolin was singing those devaranamas.

    There was no dull moment, but a delightful display of skill and virtuosity. H K Venkataram played with alacrity and tonal sobriety on the violin. Bangalore V Praveen’s Mridanga was lively and resounding. Ullur Giridhar Udupa on Ghata followed and added to the enjoyment.

    Carnatica brothers

    Karnatica Brothers – K N Shashikiran and Ganesh – gave a vocal duet on Wednesday in the Gokulashtami Festival series.

    They hail from a musician’s family and are familiar to connoisseurs with many laurels to their credit. The varna gave them an impressive start and ‘Kshanameva’ is a welcome change from the routine invocatory pieces.

    The ‘Sadhinchane’, a pancharathna krithy, was also pleasing. Two compositions on Lord Krishna – Sri Santhana Gopalakrishnam and Swagatham Krishna – both were impressive. The Thana in different ragas, the Pallavi (Kalyana Vasantha) in Khanda Thriputa, were embellished with a flurry of alluring swara passages. The accompanists – C.N. Chandrasekhar on violin, H S Sudhindra on mridanga and M A Krishnamurthy on ghata – rose to admirable heights.


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