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    knshashikiranHe is the son of the illustrious “Chitravina” Narasimhan and the grandson of the legendary Gottuvadhyam Narayana Iyengar. Shri. Narasimhan had the grand task of nurturing not just his prodigious children, but also his talented nephew Ganesh. Shashikiran’s potential was discovered when he was a toddler. He could identify “ragas”, demonstrate complicated “talas”, and answer technical questions put to him. Later, he came under the tutelage of stalwarts in the field like T. Brinda, T.Viswanathan and Calcutta K.S. Krishnamurthy. He has an exemplary academic record and shares his knowledge in music by contributing articles and reviews to newspapers and websites. He has earned several awards and has been featured on several forums and television networks the world over. His youth masks his achievements. He is the Founder/Managing Director of Shristi’s Carnatica – a center for the complete education of Carnatic music, and runs it with Carnatic female vocalist Smt. S. Sowmya. He has effectively used today’s advancements in technology and taken Carnatic music to the next level

    Reference Link : http://www.simala.net/profile_vocal/profile_vocal.html

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