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    During this yearís annual Prathistapana festival in May, the Sri  Rajarajeswari Temple of Rush, During this yearís annual

    Prathistapana festival in May, the Sri Rajarajeswari Temple of Rush, New York, will release its latest compact disc, featuring a concert
    by Carnartica brothers Sri Shashikiran and Sri Chitraveena Ganesh, recorded live at the temple during last yearís May festival. They were accompanied by Nagai Sriram on violin, Thanjavur Murugaboopathy on mridangam, and Karthik Venkataraman on Kanjira. The artistes featured in the CD hail from legendary musical families. Shashikiran and Ganesh debuted as child prodigies and have been enthralling audiences ever since. They have both won numerous accolades and awards. Shashikiranís brother is the internationally-acclaimed artiste, Chithraveena Maestro Ravikiran.
    Shashikiran and Ganesh have performed in all the major cities in India and abroad. Nagai Sriram is an accomplished Carnatic violinist who has accompanied top notch vocalists like Sowmya,
    Seshagopalan and Sankaranarayanan. He has won several awards including the ëBest Violinistí Award from Music Academy consecutively for the last six years.
    Thanjavur Murugapoopathy is a percussionist of the highest caliber…
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